June 24, 2008

Finally, some rest…

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Ever since school reopened from the holidays, I’ve been uber busy. There was school, drama, work and not forgetting my other job with that obsession. [; 

It’s been like that for 2 weeks straight and I slept almost every night at 2am . I have no idea why I was programmed at this timing. I’m not sure if I could keep this up. I thought about this before. My class was competitive as it is already. I have 2 plays that I was involved in and work took over my weekends. There wasn’t any time for me to rest. Till today of course. 🙂


It started on Sunday. I thought it was going to be those usual sinus I had since it runs in the family. But no…. It continued on like that for the WHOLE DAY. Imagine what the customers must have thought what I looked like. Messy hair with a very sick face and tissues everywhere. I was perfectly normal the day before and I didn’t see this coming at all.

The worst part, I went to school the next day, thinking I would be cured soon. I was sooo wrong. I sneezed all the way… (Mind you, my sneeze is NOT subtle-lady-like at all. The whole world knows when I sneeze. It’ genetics, I guess.) Plus, I had to be in school the whole day. Class, module talk, and lastly drama. Didn’t leave school till 9.30. 10 packets of tissue later still wasn’t enough when I reached home. I was dead beat and a sore throat was forming already. 

Yep. I missed class today and I’m totally relieved. Tissues laid out out all over my bed with a bottle of warm water should do the trick. Will have to drag myself tomorrow to  school though…


June 15, 2008

For the men in my life…

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It’s really late right now and I only have an hour left to sleep before I get ready for school. But I owe this post to the guys who have given me happiness all my life. 2 of them in fact.

My Dad   

and my Uncle   

Don’t mean to brag, but I was Daddy’s little girl and till now I’m still my Uncle’s favourite niece. They have loved and spoiled me and I am most thankful that I have known such great men in my life.

There were times when a daughter will get pissed off at her dad on various petty occasions. But hey, he loves you and he’s just doing what’s best for you. And it took me some time to realise that it is hard for a father to let go of his daughter. Dad, thanks for letting me be whoever I want to be and no words could ever describe of how deeply appreciative I am of this life you have given me. Though it will take you a long time to let me go, I’ll always be your girl no matter what. “)

When you’re 4 and constantly being bullied by the older cousins, you’re bound to complain and tattle on your bully. Who else better to tattle to than the bullys’ old man himself? Yes, I do have that SHIELD and I still do now even though I’m older and now my older guy cousins are in that circle too. Uncle, thanks for all the tons of things you’ve spent of me when I was little and I am still grateful of the care and concern you have given me for all these years. Thank you. 

Guys and girls, give your dads a break. Today shouldn’t be the only day when you’re celebrating them, instead it should be everyday. Its about time that you let them know of how grateful you are to have them as your dad and to take the time to be with you through all your years.

To all dad’s, daddy’s, papa’s, abah’s, bapak’s etc… , thank you for your patience and your sacrifices for our existence, and not forgetting your unconditional love for us.. We may seem unappreciative at times, but deep down, we know that without you we wouldn’t be as happy and healthy as we are today. Happy Father’s Day.

Welcome Readers :)

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Hello dear friends!

Welcome to my very FIRST blog! yes, I am a late bloomer when it comes to blogging. I usually prefer to read other people’s blog than to create one for myself.

The only reason I am blogging is to prepare and familiarize myself while using wordpress since I am now one of the contributor on a fansite which I will not tell you which. (Unless you know me well enough, then you should know what fansite blog is it.)

So, here I go!!

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