July 29, 2008

Why So Serious?

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Have not been showing some love for my blog for the last couple of days. Come on, Aishah… Ok, will try my best.

I won’t be blogging about my personal life but more about random stuff. Anything that just captured my interest. At the same time, I’ll just be ‘playing’ around the features wordpress offers. So if you see anything weird on the blog, I’m just experimenting of how it will look like.

Mr. Ledger gave a great performance in the Dark Knight. I was really creeped with his maniac laughing, the greasy hair and then there’s the voice. It was hard to picture him with this voice without the make-up. It was high-pitched and some times taunting. I guess, that should complete the character and the portrayal of the Joker from the comics.

Which Joker would you prefer by the way? The 1989 Jack Nicholson portrayal of a ‘cleaner’ cut version or Heath’s creepy ambience as he appears on screen?


July 20, 2008

Windows? Macintosh?

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Yerp. The endless debate on which OS system would be the best. My classmates LOVE to make fun of my MAC. Not until I give them the stink-eye and say that they better watch what their saying or I’ll come after them. Seriously, I don’t mind you complaining about Apple UNLESS you have experienced it yourself. Or else, just shut the gap and I’ll list you a thousand reasons of why I prefer Apple while I’m being hot-headed.

One of my friends cheered me more up with this photo. How ironic. Thanks Bets. 🙂

July 13, 2008

Vitas – Opera #2

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Time flies since I last posted. I think I would rather blog something totally random. 

Shak introduced me to a Russian singer and he’s much more popular in Korea, Japan and Taiwan. His voice is amazing. Not only amazing, but I found it totally unexpected. Now ladies, you shouldn’t underestimate a guy. There might be some surprises that a guy can pull of that some women think it would be impossible. I’m not being sexist here, I’m just surprised of his talent really. Here’s what I mean:

He goes by the name Vitas and the song’s title is Opera #2. However, his music video actually creeps me out, but still kinda cool. 🙂

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