September 27, 2008

Melissa Theuriau

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Pretty, isn’t she? Believe it or not, this woman does not only have the beauty. Apparently, she has the brains too. She is actually a news anchor from France. Many has said that she is the most prettiest journalist the world has seen on air . But really, do we need to exaggerate? But yea, I most definitely agree that she’s gorgeous.

There are a couple of YouTube videos that you can check her out. And if you see below, I found an image that compiled photos of her reporting the news. Gotta love the outfits. I didn’t know a News Anchor could dress up like that.

Well, I guess it is possible to have both beauty and brains. Here’s my favourite picture of her.

A shout out to Barracuda for introducing me to this lady. 🙂


September 19, 2008

Season Premieres

As you guys have already noticed, I am a HUGE entertainment freak. SO, here is a list of shows that I am watching or used to watch. Actually, these are the shows that I am spent time with during my holidays. Due to the Writer’s Strike which started last November and lasted for 100 days, many shows were let as cliff hangers, and so a new season was made.

You’ll see in September are where most of my favourite shows have started. There is one new show on the list and I’ll recommend to those who love the supernatural stuff while the rest is just FYI. A few of them has been cancelled but it was certainly worth watching.  I’ll list them according to the dates of their season premiere in the US.

  • Gossip Girl Season 2 – 1 Sept (Monday)
  • Prison Break Season 4 – 1 Sept
  • True Blood (New Show) – 7 Sept (Sunday)
  • Heroes Season 3 – 22 Sept (Monday)
  • CSI: Miami Season 7 – 22 Sept
  • The Big Bang Theory Season 2 – 22 Sept
  • CSI: New York Season 5 – 24 Sept (Wednesday)
  • Ugly Betty Season 3 – 25 Sept (Thursday)
  • Pushing Daisies Season 2 – 30 Sept/ 1 Oct (Tuesday/Wednesday)
  • Ghost Whisperer – 3 Oct (Friday)
  • CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 9 – 9 Oct (Thusday)
  • Samantha Who? Season 2  – 13 Oct (Monday)
  • Kyle XY Season 3 – 12 Jan 2009 (Friday)
  • Moonlight – CANCELLED
  • Miss/Guided – CANCELLED
  • Aliens in America – CANCELLED
  • Reaper Season 2 – ???

If you want to know which website you can watch at the same time America airs, let me know. I would never DREAM of putting the website here.

September 14, 2008

SYTYCD – Bleeding Love & Mercy

Another post about the dances from the cool reality dance show ‘So You Think You Can Dance?’ Singapore has not yet aired the latest season but I thought I gave you a sneak peek of what you’re gonna expect this season. 

Here are my two favourite choreographies:

Lyrical Hip-Hop:


September 6, 2008

Singapore’s Funniest Family

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I should write something more local. Why not something that is original and very successful?

Remember the early 90’s in Singapore, where all the new upcoming local tv shows started showing up like the serious police drama ‘Triple Nine’ or the other family drama ‘Growing Up?

Well, I’ll be blogging more about about Singapore’s favourite family. The “Tan’s” from ‘Under One Roof’! I bet no other local comedy show will ever beat the first-ever local family comedy show. Then again, I’ll give ‘Phua Chu Kang’ the second placing because both were just as good only thing was that ‘Under One Roof’ came first.

I still miss these classic sitcoms. It reminded me so much of my childhood and those trends that happened around that era. GAWD! Just take a look at their clothing. TSK TSK TSK. And the language… Only a Singaporean can understand what they’re talking about. 😉 I shan’t blog more, but i’ll leave you a little reminder of our favourite family sitcom.

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