November 29, 2008

SWAT Kats & Street Sharks

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Street Sharks

I like to reminisce my childhood. Those cool cartoons like the ones above. I can only remember ‘Street Sharks’ and ‘ SWAT Kats’ and many early 90’s cartoons that I think may have made an imprint on me. The rest like ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’, ‘Captain Planet’ and the ORIGINAL ‘Power Rangers’  have definitely made sure that I won’t be forgetting about them anytime soon.

Swat Kats

If you want to brush up or just to look back on 90’s cartoon. Here’s a good one for Street Sharks. I can’t see to find one for SWAT Kats. Sorry. There’s always Wikipedia to save the day! 😉


November 9, 2008

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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Final Fantasy Versus XIII LogoRight. I’m not a HUGE fan of these kind of games. Recently, I have been introduced by a friend about this guy which lead to the game. I noticed that the plot of the game was really interesting. Plus a few things I took note of this Japanese Virtual game.

Sure, many gaming nerds would know what was the game about. For those who know me well enough would probably know the reason of why I am blogging.

Seriously, I thought the plot of the game was interesting. Not to mention its great to look at it. 😉

Here’s an intro to a character, Noctis:

FFV13 Noctis

Not forgetting the very cool trailer that came with him.

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