September 19, 2009

Looking Forward To…

The last few posts I’ve made have been ’emo-teen-depressing’ type. Totally the route that I’ve always avoided when I made a blog for myself. Oh wells. I am a teenager. Then, how about this time round I post something happy now?

Aidilfitri is not till tomorrow and I’m not sure if I’m relieved about it. Am totally looking forward to meeting my relatives when they come over. Hope I’ll learn more on my mum’s side, seeing that my family is on the other side of the island.

So I’ve noticed myself to be more outspoken and well, I guess you could say ‘bubbly’? Its more to make sure that whatever that happens between me and you doesn’t get awkward and that we’re comfortable around each other. 🙂 Am still be looking forward to meeting the cousins. There’s so much to catch up on….

On the other note (here goes my emo teen rantings), I’ve just realised I’ll be biting off more than I can chew for my upcoming school semester. Sure I’ll have classes only once a week, yet, I still find myself being greedy. Already planning to work part-time during that semester. So while earning extra do’, of course I’ll take up driving. Driving lessons. Have yet to find a private instructor. And then there’s FYP. Major stuff going there since it counts as a grade by itself. Plus there’s the IG matters since everyone is falling out one by one and I’ll have to pick up where we left out with the help of good friends. I don’t think I’ll make it through without them. Lastly, there’s also the reason why I set up this wordpress account the first place. Twilight Singapore. I love what I do there but I’m just worried that I can’t commit at that period of time.

You know what, I shouldn’t be complaining now. I was suppose to write something much more jovial. Then, here enters HOLLYWOOD. 🙂 Its that time of the month again for season premieres and new shows! HEHEHEHE…

  • Sept 10 – The Vampire Diaries (New Show)
  • Sept 14 – Gossip Girl Season 3
  • Sept 15 – How I Met Your Mother Season 5
  • Sept 16 – The Beautiful Life (New Show)
  • Sept 17 – Fringe Season 2
  • Sept 21 – Heroes Season 4
  • Sept 21 – The Big Bang Theory Season 3
  • Sept 21 – CSI: Miami Season 8
  • Sept 23 – CSI: New York Season 6
  • Sept 24 – CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 10
  • Oct 9 – Ugly Betty Season 4

Cancelled 😦  :
– Pushing Daisies
– Reaper
– Kyle XY
– Samantha Who?

And here in Asia, it’ll be Aidilfitri tomorrow. So, I wish all the muslim people out there, Eid Mubarak. Amin.


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  1. hallo aishah..

    Comment by jasa terjemahan — September 28, 2009 @ 8:59 pm | Reply

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